It wasn't so long ago, that Sandi Martinez published her first book,Don't Call me, 'Honey'. In fact it was first published in May of 2012.  Now three years later, she has published her first book in a trilogy, 'Divine Wars; the Awakening', published this Spring, 2015.

Sandi has brought two seemingly different worlds together; a multi-dimensional universe as a diverse, and intricate whole.  If you believe in angels, then surely you might believe in demons... If you believe in good, then surely you might believe in evil.  For eternity it seems, light has always trumped the dark.  Now in her book, Divine Wars, the reader gets to live out the transformation from evil to good, from dark to light, in this tightly woven, suspenseful novel that brings with it a bit of romance and mystery; the metaphysical intertwined with normal everyday life activities.  

In addition to being a self-published writer, Sandi has written online articles. Never underestimating the need to extend a helping hand to our animal counterparts, she is offering free 15-minute psychic readings to those whom have donated a minimum of $20 to their favorite Animal Rescue Organizations.  

Join Sandi in this overwhelming effort to help our animal friends, and those who would appear to have no hope at all.  Let's ban together and save our animal friends!

Many Blessings,


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