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Don't Call me, 'Honey'

Mostly set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and surrounding towns, this southwest novel, dusts you with intrigue, suspense, and sensual escapades.

Why would you be interested in reading my book? Well for one thing, it took me a VERY long time to write it (a mere 7 years to write it, and 4 years to publish it) and secondly, I think it just might be a good story... here's a bit of a what it's about:

Maude, is psychic, she's a successful artist in San Francisco, and she's very attractive, oh, and she's a lesbian.   

Maude keeps seeing visions of this up-to-no-good guy, Luxor King and helps the SF police and then FBI who have been tracking him, put him behind bars - he's involved with the crime family, the Calamini brothers.


Taken by surprise, she gets hooked by a prostitute whom she befriends.  But the attraction is too strong, and the friendship goes into the other realm; that of unexplored passion between two women. 

Unfortunately, as things start to heat up, Maude has been found by the crime family, or so it seems, and nearly shoved off a bridge.  She is then enrolled into the WITSEC program.

But the southwest isn't far enough... her location is found out.  The race is on, but not before she runs into the one person she trusted, and allowed herself to love - Sarah, or is it Kathi?

I hope you will enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it!

It's here folks!

(Images: Sandi Martinez)

The totally organic, angelic experience... A visit to a psychic leads to the introduction of Indie’s traveling companion Marisca, an ultrasensitive; cousin to the psychic Melinda, who is obligated to retrieve the package; an inheritance held back by an angry old family feud. When they fly to Toronto, Canada, the package becomes a great mystery; the trip emanates danger, intrigue, confusion, chaos, and a growing attraction between the two women. The first installment in a trilogy, this book takes the reader into a world of unknowns. Fate and destiny intertwine; creating a plethora of supernatural delights where angels stand on sidewalks, smile wide at strangers, and open doors with genial courtesy.

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